kevs kapers 2004

I cant wait for JAN 16th Moorebank Sports GIG! IL be bringing all the Greek Musicians down to that gig, to see the best BEST BAND & MUSICIANS that have Inspired the Whole of AUSTRALIA, for the PAST 30 years. When i First saw KB EXPRESS on COUNTDOWN PLAYING THE SONG ( GOING SOMWHERE ) in the MID- 70'S, I KNEW Straight away, that their is MAGIC in this MAN, & GUITAR is what i wanted to take up.
gidday , just wanted to know when kevin comes back to perth . ????
received your email thanx And happy new year to u and the gang (express) hope to c u at thredbo as i will be on holidays near by
gidday again , thanks for replyin to my email so quickly . i look forward to kevin commin to perth and will swap shifts so as i can come to see the ledgend live . i have just recentley taped a half hour program off the abc , studio 22 , of kevin live , i am totally blown away and am instantly converted . i checked out the web site and will be sending you guys a postal order for all of the cd's that you have listed there . i just hope that they are still all avalible .i have got to have more of this outstandin blues . thanks again , and can't wait for the perth tour . the newly enlightened
Thanks for the updates on the Blues Cruises. Unfortunately I have gone back to NZ and am unable to go to them
i've finally brought myself a computer. Can you let me know when the new C.D. Will be available to buy. All the best to you Kev and your band. Regards from Umina, NSW. Hope to see the band playing again soon up here on Central Coast.
Just got back from Sydney, driving and listening to music all the way. Got to Gosford and I'm thinking I need some Kevin Borich.. Long story why we didn't have any of KBs cds with us, don't ask. So now I'm hanging out for the new cd. When is it coming?
KEVS KEWL KRUISE...please do a similar gig in melb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was just sitting here, bored, @ work, and was surfing the web on NZ music. Came across Kevin's website....was very nostalgic! When I was 15, he was probably 17, we used to hitch- hike in from the 'burbs to see the La De Das play @ the Top 20 in Durham Lane on a Sunday afternoon!!! He actually lived a couple of suburbs away from me in Kuemu. I used to harass my mother to let me make a toll call to phone him (I found his number in the phone book) She used to let me, but he was never home! Omigod - it's like a past life!! Anyway, the cruise sounds a pretty good idea - I'm into House music these days (ha ha!!) but it will be a blast from the past.
Cheers To You and KB Jen , I changed my email address and was suffering from the lack of KB .
Hi Kev, I caught your show at St Johns Park Bowling club on Dec 19, and it was great after a ten year drought of good music to see a master at work. You might remember that I asked if you would mind showing me how the old triple M theme goes....... most of my friends are pop oriented and think the blues is music to slash your wrists to, narrow minded twits.
We're still party'n big Kahuna.
We saw you at the continental in Melbourne before it closed and then fluked seeing you on new Years eve at Tomakin Social club a couple of years ago. Both memorable nights……..My father in law who is a mason was dancing with his tie wrapped around his head….pissed, swearing that you were the best thing since sliced bread. Personally, I was very impressed with your performance and with the overall sound and the fact that you give 110%. Not too many do that. Keep up the good work. We hope you git down to Melbourne when you can. P.S. When are you getting some more black tee shirts done.
A big thank you for organising the Kev Kewl Kruise on Sydney Harbour last Saturday night. It was a great night and the best show I have seen in years....the music was great on all fronts and I think he has won over about a dozen new fans that night. The guys at works have been talking about the night for the last couple of days. Maybe I can get a few more people to get on board if the cruise happens again. All the first timers to Kev's music said that they will all be back again and all said it was a good time as well. Anyway thanks again for your efforts and please pass on the Kev that the show was great and I can not wait for the new album in a couple of months.
What's the latest on the C.D. ?
Don and I and my two friends would like to say a big thank you - had a terrific time and Kev and the band were brilliant. Is there any chance that Kev might come to Newcastle/Maitland area one time - either a pub or boat cruise up here would be good too!
i'm an old fan, would like to know if any melb. gigs are coming up this year. last time i saw kevin borich was at the tennis centre with jimmy barnes.
Have been trying to get this album for a while ...livin in central sth Aust don't help..heheh Looking forward to hearing it again
we loved the Harbour Cruise so much that we would definately go on another one. I want to get more of my friends and work mates to come along and enjoy Kev's music. So if there is another I will be there.
I was thinking of flying up to Goulburn cause the websire for next weekend says KBs playin but I don't think its been updated from last year....Is he playin there.... I'm starting to worry that KB will think I'm some kind of nutter that is following him around......LOL
......guys and wives had a ball, one of the best nights for many years. We made a great weekend in Sydney. Feedback - agreed by all that will do it again, change nothing. The sound, the atmosphere, the band all excellent. We reckon great value for harbour cruise plus the band.
So please, keep me on the email list for next time.

KBs music is having an opposite effect on me.....I usually grow tired of an artist after a few years but I'm enjoying his stuff more and more.....Heartstarter has been on the Player in my workshop since we got back from Thredbo.....with the button on repeat and the volume on 10.....still kicks the day up a cog when it comes round to JLs Boogie and the Title track
I had an absolute ball on the cruise, as usual. Thankyou Jennifer for all your hard work and most definitely keep it up. It's always such a great atmosphere with everyone there for the same reason - to listen to some bloody great music (not to mention a grin from the entertaining air guitarists!) and meet some new friends. Harry was 'funking' great, as was Mick on drums. Norman was very hospitable -I just wish we knew about the James Squire gig the night before - he was very enthusiastic about it. Look forward to hearing the new CD and having another opportunity to get down and BOOGIE!! last thing...if you guys are coming to sth aust let us know would be much appreciated Thanx
Also, at long last------- the new 'Volcanic Rock' t.shirt ( with K.B. listed) is available for the multitudes.
Any chance of a swap deal, V.R. for a K.B. ?
Just read ya Expresso Bongo...I'm glad you thought that 2 hour set at Thredbo was something special.....I felt the same way myself and I have seen you quiet a bit over the years....Chains performance was one of their best too.....funny guys maybe it was the warm up by the pool in the arvoI just wanted to tell you how lucky you are to be able to share those magic moments on stage with daughter was a great singer and saxplayer at school but the only chance I had to play onstage with her was bummed out by a jealous band she's moved on to other things it remains a deep regret...... I had never seen you play with Lucius B4 and was blown out by his drumming...very different from your usual stickman ...but it fitted like a glove... You are one lucky dude...
A big thank you for organising the Kev Kewl Kruise on Sydney Harbour last Saturday night. It was a great night and the best show I have seen in years. Can you please pass on to Kev that the music was great on all fronts and I think he has won over about a dozen new fans that night. The guys at works have been talking about the night for the last couple of days. Maybe I can get a few more people to get on board if the cruise happens again. All the first timers to Kev's music said that they will all be back again and all said it was a good time as well. Anyway thanks again for your efforts and please pass on the Kev that the show was great and I can not wait for the new album in a couple of months.
Finally made the time to drop you guys a line and say Thank you for a great night on the last cruise. Its always great to hear that Kev has a great time also ! I for one would be there for another rockn cruise. My hubby and friends all had a great time and we have all had friends enquiring on the next cruise !!
Thanks form the news. Am in Melbourne, doing 4 days of treatments & going to the Blues Fest again between. Won't be the same without you ....... I look forward to the next opportunity to see/hear you live but... Have fun,
Could you tell me exactly when KBE will be playing in Brisbane and where.
Went to the gig at Angel's in Valley and let me tell Kev was absolutely on fire. Best Kev gig I've seen yet and that's saying something. Yes permission given to include any comments. Did I make some last time? I've been into the web site...... I'm a happy punter,
Great to hear KB is burning up the blues highway, he deserves every minute of it.... keep it coming...
And thank you for three mind-blowing experiences at Thredbo Blues... Easily the highlight of the weekend, and some of the best live shows I've ever seen. Hope Lucious (apologies for spelling)sticks around too, absolutely bloody brilliant!
It would be great to see a dvd of the kevin borich express live in concert, be a great change form the current rubbish that comes out on dvd, especially bands that can't play at all.
just got into the office today, after our great weekend, Jen, I don;t know how to extoll how great our weekend was but I think you may guess, it was our dream week end for a long time and the saving we did made it all worth while. It was our Xmas and birthday presents to each other and it was wonder full. We will not be strangers and you will be seeing us when ever possible, (that is the good part of having our sons grown up)
thanks for the info - had a great time on the cruise, sydney harbour. hot, hot, hot............ am heading for the byron bay festival all going well - so really looking forward to that - ciao for now
Will be there with bells on!!!! cant wait to catch up again!!!!
Line up looks good, thats great for KB....Australia needs his kind of style...!
Woo HOOOO !!! Kev at Byron......we'll be there.
what is the name of the new album i havent been able to find it anywhere
Wonderful stuff! I look forward to seeing Kevin at the festival - have a 5 day pass so I won't miss out. It's a great lineup, better still now!
can't wait to hear the new CD & hopefully catch up & see your show at Batemans Bay in May
going to see KB at clifton hill hotel
Thanks for the lastest gig list, its always good hear what KB's up too.Could you please tell us what the 'Hard Road Concert' is all about
I heard a rumour that you may be coming back to play in Gympie but i didn't see it listed on your tours. Please let us know if you do come back to Gympie, we are all hangin' out to see you again. Hope to see ya soon,
Any chance that Kevins induction into the Australian Blues Hall of Fame performance can be recorded and put on the web? I would love to see it. I would actually love to see ANYTHING, or hear any recent live recordings of shows.Please pass on my warmest congratulations to Kevin – a most deserving recipient.
Can you let us know if KB's studio 22 performance gets repeted?
what time does kevin go on stage when he plays at panania in syd when will the new cd be out and have you any t-shirts yet in extra large see you at panania
And is Kev confirmed for the Clifton Hill Hotel in Melbourne on 18/3? If so I'll be there with bells on.
Kev has been a HUGE influence of mine, so any chance to see him in Melb is a bonus.
Saw KB on Bert he looked the youngest he looks great all the nurses said KB is hot and he should be on Kerrie anne show by himself I will ring Kerri and request it. thank you for making our day
do you know where i can buy tickets for kevin in the hunter valley at easter?
Also, when do you think Kevin Borich Express will be coming to Mackay?
I have had a glance at your tour destinations and dates, and have noticed that there is nothing set for the Central Coast. It would be excellent to see you perform up here again, I realise that you will be in the Hunter Valley over Easter and I will try to get up and see you. Do you still have support bands play with Kevin Borich? Is the Kevin Borich band called Express or does it have another meaning? Have you ever thought of having a concert and including Richard Clapton?
we are watching a jimmy barnes dvd n we are stoked KB the man himself is in it .... double bonus
Come on back to Adelaide..we need some good music down here...Still have fond memories of last time at the Arkaba.. Keep rocking Regards in Peace and Music
Go Borich Morris and Manning.............and at such an ungodley hour of the
morning for rock n rollers. They sounded mighty fine and even looked fit
and well
how's Kev's new one coming along
Received your email newsletter the other day and was pleased to see that Kevin will be performing at Batemans Bay Bowling Club on May 8. My wife and I live in Ulladulla which is about 40 minutes north of Batemans Bay. We are huge fans of classic Oz rock and saw Kevin at LWTTT and, more recently, at The Hard Road Concert in Canberra last November which we thoroughly enjoyed. We will book a motel in Batemans Bay on the night (so that we can have a few JDs!) and then stagger, sorry, walk over to the club. I know that it will be a great show and I hope that we can get a chance to meet both yourself (if you'll be there) and Kevin.
in the late 60's I saw the La De Das at sunrise on some island in the mouth if the Brisbane River. It was packed out! They were like Hendrix and Cream together, for a 3 piece band they were way ahead. It was pretty exciting, they had that edge to them.....
....there were heaps of musicians at Kevs gig
my fave song.."Time to Kil" ....played by THE band - KB Joe Walsh and Mark Hunter
the first 2 singles i bought were CHAIN'S judgement and the LA DE DA'S
morning good morning (nice slide from KB) when i was about 12, which i still
own! i then bought DEEP PURPLE machine head, i thought ritchie blackmore
was amazing, I had every album, and saw them live at the hordern pavillion in
78 with tommy bolin on guitar, he played some really cool slide! .......and now they are playing some of my stuff on triple j and im doing my first festival at
broadbeach in may, so im pretty stoked, im even thinking of doing a cover of
MORNING GOOG MORNING by the LA DE DA'S which is where it all started!
Just wanted to let you know that we have our tickets for the Batemans Bay show - ticket no's. 1 & 2 would you believe! We actually bought them a month ago - how's that for ehthusiasm! Also have booked a room at a local motel so that we can have a BIG night! Looking forward to the show.
....people asked me about festival highlights....and for me there were many greats but after the festival concluded the performances that still give me a warm feeling were Kevins, then Toots & The Maytals and steve Earle. KB was fantastic as usual...heaps ofenthusiasm and passion aand a very visceral performance.. no one does it better and i too noticed how the tent began to fill as the crowd felt the groove coming out of JAmbalaya...good on you all and please cme to Melbourne again soon ....... love the Live at the Big Kahuna

KB ~ Doc Span

Thanks for your email. I have been a massive KB fan for years and seing him at the bluesfest this year blew my mind. I still think his is one of the best live guitarists i've been fortunate enough to see. Cant wait for the album have heard great things about it.
Kevin is phantastic
Well the weekend is almost upon us where the vine yard will rock like hell.....
Its a James Brown thang!
we all went off at bimbadgen!,,it just rocked!,,
Just like to say that I enjoyed his recent performance on good Morning Australia singing and strumming along to 'Friday on my mind' with Normie Rowe and another guitarist. Also his performance at the Gimme Ted benefit. It was awesome. Great website. Rock on
Looking forward to seeing you both at the Imperial in Gympie on 20th, You really had Gympie rockin' last year at the Golf Club so expect a crowd, we've told alot of people you're coming. See you there. Take Care Guys,
Guys when are ya coming to Victoria????
..heard K was a blast at Bimbadgen...
....I bet it is a cracker. All studio stuff? Let me know when it is available and I will grab one.....
can you recommend any good live music on Friday or Sat,,, and it will have to be Brisbane.... so don't recommend a KB gig out of town or I will go crazy... luv to be a millionaire ??
KB hasn't changed since the Mushroom concert of '82.......
Borich on the Air 4KQ "Morning Good Morning" KB got a rap.
a friends little 3 year old girl just loves the KB guitar - calls it "my music" so tell KB he had better watch out he'll be in competition with the Wiggles!!!
KB's band sounds good every time I hear them. My favourite was the gig at Thredbo Blues Festival. Lucius certainly understand's Dad's playing that's for sure.
A great night at Broadbeach with KB excelling and Harry looked great in his "John & Merivale" black outfit which others had trouble resisting. Wasn't sure which was the best tuned in the bass or the viagra!!!!! A top finale with voodoo chile..... we know who had the voodoooooo
thanks for this message from kev - and info re gigs no doubt will make it to one of the sydney ones - ciao for now
KB bloody excellant
Saw you guys at the Panania 2+ months ago - stunning,as always!!
Glad to hear that you guys had fun on the trip! Am pea green about Broady :)
I'm gonna try to get to Bayview Tav to come see you, its been too long!!!
Bloody! Bloody! Bloody!!! Here he bloody is playing up the bloody road and I bloody missed it!! He's going to have to do it again! I wasn't ready!!....... Broadbeach on a Saturday night is about 20 minutes from my place. I can't even remember what I was doing on Saturday night, but I know it wasn't memorable (yes, tautology is alive and well). I'd love to blame someone else for my ineptitude, but you can hardly be blamed for sending out the June edition close to June. I should have set a bloody reminder in Outlook!! I guess from here the question would be "When will he be on the Gold Coast next?". So, when will he be on the Gold Coast next?
By the way, I noticed that KB starts a thought (in the second paragraph) with "thinks". Does does that mean that he is a big Spike Milligan fan? Anyway, enough ramblings from me. It sounds like everyone had a good time at Broadie. Did you go? I figure that you wouldn't have missed this one.
P.S. I've just checked my old emails, and you alerted the world to KB's appearance at Broadbeach as far back as the 19th of February. Damn!! It must be my fault then...
Heard lots of compliments on the night at Broadbeach and people still raving the next day calling it the "the greatest' gig & yes Harry should take KB and Mick out for some retail therapy & now all we're hearing is KB's music!!! Looking forward to the new CD.
put me on the emailing list and the boys and i will go along the next time kev's playing a bit closer to us i do remember back as far as the 70's and the bands kicking around at that time,,kev being amongst them,,that was areally ace time!
I'll be in Sydney in the last week of July, to see The Who, at the Sydney Entertainment Centre. Do you know this far in advance where Kevin will be playing around that time? If so, I'd appreciate his itinerary, and the actual addresses.
Just checked out the web site - I see Kev is back at Clifton Hill on the 17th. I WAS going to see the Melodylords that night, but I guess they're on the backburner. Gotta see Kev whenever he's in town, and drag some converts with me. See you all there, and I'll even buy some disks this time.
Heart Starter is sensational
My wife and I had a great time - really enjoyed hearing some quality blues/ rock. My voice was croaky next morning and I had a bit of a headache - USUALLY INDICATES THAT I HAD A GREAT TIME!!!!!! It was good to meet you and also chat with Kevin - he seems a really nice bloke. I love the intensity he and the band put into their performance.
Does KB still play ' Don't let go' live ? It's just about my favourite !
are the party boys playing? will be at Ferntree Gully hotel 19th June but would love to see a party boys gig again!
Has Kev got any more local gigs lined up? Syd & Mel are a bit far for us for the night!!! we do keep checking the website
Just won an ebay auction for a good condition copy of KB live. Cost me $2 US plus postage..... Impulse buying ha ha ha
Heart Starterwould be my current favourite Borich just makes ya body move....and the song that I'd love KB to resurrect and play live (It would probably work best with Lucius on drums) is "Shy Boys Shy Girls" that is one great song!!!
i was wondering if Kev would have any Live in concert of "The Kevin Borich Express" he could sell me on a " DVD".
I usually check the website weekly and noticed some graphics for NOMAD...When can I get a copy???????????????????????
hi and thankyou for a really cool gig at gladesville last nite he is such a star and never fails to impress me... long time kiwi fan cant wait till next time
i went to the bayview today to see kevin play and wasent disappointed, i havent seen him play for a few years , he gets better every time excellant performance, definately the best guitarist i have seen and i have watched him for a lot of years.........
also good to see KB playing again with Grant and John ...up this way we get the Dr Harry and Mick Skelton duo which kicketh the arse mightily and verily
Thank you for all of the info. Looking forward to receiving more in the future.
I saw Kevin with Rose Tattoo at the Ferntree Gully Hotel in Melbourne last saturday night and he was fantastic. I have always been a big fan of his and still have a few old LP's of his at home but this was the first time that I saw him live. I ended up buying his double CD "Live at Kahuna" which has blown me away and I intend to buy his other CDs from the website in the future. All the best to you, Kevin and the Band and hoping to see him play in Melbourne again real soon. Cant wait. CHEERS
I was at the waterfront in Geelong on Sunday (Table front and centre) and KB was simply awesome.
Great to catch up on Saturday night and see Kevin performing live which all the guest's I took where blown away including myself.
would love to see him on The Footy Show!
Is Kev's new CD on sale yet?
Many thanks for your newsletters and emails keeping us in touch with a legend, Kev you are a legend in many peoples eyes and if rumors are spread about you then certain people are jealous, your music speaks for itself.
great news about kev getting on the footy show!,,i will certainly be watching ,,great stuff!
Still love to see KB in Wagga Wagga
Would you be able to advise how i can purchase a copy of KB's new album?
(I'm still in London).
I mean really, who cares!!! No talent ex footballers, backed by great players yes, but really who cares!!! Any blues news?
guess this is just the Sydney Footy Show - NRL??? We get this in the middle of the night down here, so I'll have to set the tape.
As soon as I heard that slide guitar I knew Kev was there so I had to watch the whole song. That Reg is a scream.
Adelaide here ...hope all is well and the Kev Borich machine is running smoothly.... Just going to ask if you are getting more of the black 'dot com ' Kev Borich shirts into stock anytime soon ....i'm spewing because somehow along the way of life I lost mine and was looking to purchase a new one but i notice online that they are out of stock getting any in soon as they were so cool ....while Im here i suppose i should ask if Kev is coming back our way soon
Kev was great we bought the dvd. we had so many people watching him they all think KB is cool
Love to see KB express himself on The Footy Show - C'mon Fatty!
Unfortunately I missed the recent gigs in Sydney. I have been reading about Kevin Borich in the recent edition of sydney magazine. The last time I caught one of his shows was years ago but he was and I'm sure still is in great form. Could you advise when the next round of Sydney gigs will take place? Also, any shows for the Blue Mountains area of Sydney?
wot a grouse night we all had at Club Merrylands the old boys geting better with age like a good wine
its a weird world I suppose the exposure to a new audience cant do KB any harm...he looked pretty cool in the black coat....sorry but i can't stand that Reg bloke...only watched the show cause I heard KB was on Anyway.....hope all is well...........We want Nomad We want Nomad We want Nomad
send me details of when "NOMAD" will be released.
Is Kevin Borich planning to play anywhere in Sydney over the next 6 months? Please let me know.
KB photo is on the leader page on an article about Byron Festival in this months Australian Guitar Player
the Sydney Mag with the story on Kev in it......very well balanced and intelligent
writing....wish their were more of it.....also very timely given the upcoming release of NOMAD. Am emailing Fats Sac daily with requests for KB on as a guest
Congrats to KB..Reg Reagan song is number 19 on the Aria charts, was in telegraph today yahoo
Can't wait for Nomad. like a kid in a lollie shop.
It's a long drive from Melb to Coolangatta, so we may not make it in time...but we'll try. Is Kev doing anything on the Gold Coast Sat 10th or on way back from Byron? We'll be there.
Glad to hear all is travelling smoothly, a spot on the 'footy show' and you never know where it can lead to!!!....good on you KB for spreading those great vibes around the country side...keep it going Aus needs you.....
we had a ball thanks again
Just had a look at you great site. Just a quick note to tell you how much we enjoyed your show at Byron Bay on Sunday 11 June 2004. We just happened to be there on a day trip from the Gold Coast with our 5 year old boy and 18 month year old girl. When I saw on the chalk board that you were playing it meant that we were there for the duration. This meant having to take turns looking after the baby in her pram in the cold outside while we watched the show at the front of the stage with my five year old boy. If this doesn't turn him to the guitar nothing will ! It was a great experience for me watching a real rock band with my son for the first time. My little boy made a funny comment about your bass player - he thought he looked fast asleep until he unleashed his incredible solo - that changed his mind real quick.
I am a "weekend warrior" muso who has played lead guitar in rock covers bands for the last 15 years or so however you are the real deal. How rare it is to walk into a pub these days and see people like you and your band play with such conviction and intensity - an old style power trio. Where we play these days we get driven mad by old farts with DB meters - it must be great to play on your terms. Your sound and style reminds me of a cross between Stevie Ray Vaughan and Hendrix. You are a true icon and I take my hat off to you and hope you keep stratocasting for many years to come. I will see you again next time you are up this way.

Really enjoyed your last gig especially 'All Along the Watchtower' and 'Voodoo Chile'. Looking forward to hearing the new CD.
can you get copies of Kev on Asylum and circulate for sale?
put on RAGE (ABC) on sunday morning and there is kev doing the biff song,,, hope the recogniton keeps on coming, will be ordering CD's soon. very happy to see kev played with rob Riley, down south use to go to some really wild shows to see him, "Rock'n rob reilly" yahoo and are there any whispers on a Kruise for early 2005, so I can start saving
pretty bloody good stufff!!!!!!!!!
I have been a huge fan of Kev's for over 20yrs, at the moment, I am thinking of having a crack at working out one of my favourite KB tracks but first I need to know what Kev has his Firebird tuned to is it a straight open A tuning or something a little more esoteric. I would be grateful for any and all help you can give me.p.s. will see you at your next gig in western sydney
when is Kevin playing in Melbourne again, i wish to see him perform again. I saw Kevin play at the Clifton Hill Hotel a couple weeks ago and I was just blown off my sock's (im a ametuer guitarist and I say this guy's hot). Thnx again and plz keep me posted on any Melbourne tours, lookingh forward to your next gig here.
Have been nonstop of weeks, closed on my old house Monday which was great. Bunnies, birds, javelina (wild pig), chipmunks, a huge tranatula are at home also (though I moved tranatula back to desert). Hopefully won't have to mow the small lawn as bunnies taking care of that. Set up my record player (it is a retro one) - Rock N Roll Sandwich broke it in here!
It is really good to see that he is still going strong.
When is Kevin playing again in Adelaide? - I think it's about a year since he last played at the Arkaba.
Thanks Kevin for the music over the years
The CD was received yesterday and has been played pretty much non stop ever since - thanks a lot. Yes I would very much like to be placed on the email news database!!! Thanks again for the prompt service