Harry Brus [bass] and Mick Skelton [Drums] had a ball in the "vibrating house". Its been pretty quiet up here on the mountain until they arrived …we put down 20 back tracks in 3 days of the older material of mine especially all the songs that people still ask for...eg. The Place [an old La-De Da's song I wrote ] and Celebration, Fishin etc. I'll be finishing them off over the next months. Luke Everingham's Party was fantastic. He asked me if I could get in touch with my old guitar sparing partner Joe Walsh to see if he would come out and play it. I said I'd do what Joes song says…."Leave a message ,maybe he'll call" So I did. Time passed and I thought maybe he's too busy with the Eagles tour n all. Then one after noon the phone rings and its……"Hey …kev…great ta hear your voice….I can do that party you asked me about." So there ya go , in true Joe style he zipped out for a few days to do a party on a farm, then to NZ, for his work with mokai whanau ora, a community action group on youth & drugs organization, then back to the Eagles tour ala extravaganza. Don't you just love him. Definitely not your average Joe…. superstar. I guess it will go down in special gig folk law history. After over 24 hours on planes [from London] and many hours on the road, Joe gave us all a thrill and an insight into the wonderful world of Joe, playing a fantastic set with all the fire and passion that only a unique talent such as his can produce. This was truly a very special occasion, and those of the 600 that were there to witness it will be talking about for years. Songs were, Walk Away/ Funk 49#/ Turn To Stone/ Life's Been Good/ Rocky Mountain Way/Life In The Fast Lane. Then he got Luke and his kids up to play a couple, then Mal Eastick and John up, and we jammed on for another 30 minutes. THANKS JOE!!! Fortunately justice was done in the NSW Industrial Court a few weeks back and Stevie Wright, Lonnie Lee, Warren Morgan and myself feel great about the outcome, setting a precedent, so promoters will think twice about treating artist musicians as throw away items. Hope all is well in your world. Cheers kev

November gigs

Friday 12 - Woronora RSL 8:30pm

Sunday 14 - Bayview Tavern Gladesville 3pm


" & Kevin Borich is still every inch the slashing, stylish axeman who has come to take you higher. Without a hint of parody, he struts the stage at major festivals in lace shirt, snakeskin pants and cocky stance, gleefully unleashing the credible, fluid licks that have accorded him the status of a legend.
Borich, the iconic rock/blues guitarist who livened up the national Long Way To The Top tour with fiery renditions of his 1971 hit Gonna See My Baby Tonight, has a theory that music "keeps you young ".....

exerpt from article written by Glenn A. Baker in The Heralds Sydney Magazine July 2004
more in MEDIA

Kevin along with Paul Christie, John Brewster, Kerry Jacobson, James Black as The KnuckleMen are on the DVD and appeared on The Footy Show backing Reg Reagan's stab at RocknRoll.

My new CD Nomad is almost finished.....
There are few events where the elements of world-class blues, nature's splendor and intimate staging merge to form a perfect live blues experience. For blues fans of all ages, an idyllic musical experience is found at the Blues on Broadbeach Music Festival.

Kevin Borich Express
Saturday 22 May - 10:30 - 11:30pm
Surf Parade Street Party Broadbeach Gold Coast Qld

The 2004 Blues on Broadbeach Music Festival was a huge success!
Crowds of over 50,000 across the 5 days were treated to soulful performances by leading Australian Blues artists for breakfast, lunch and dinner with street parties, street theatre, open air concerts, an expo and live entertainment.

The festival personifies; Food for the body &Blues for the Soul, through soulful performances by artists in intimate settings, open air concerts and roving entertainment. Located on one of the Gold Coasts most spectacular stretches of beach, Blues on Broadbeach Festival combines the beauty of its natural environment with a relaxed and cosmopolitan dining mecca.

Kevin Borich could be the highlight of your next conference or team building activity?      
Conference Entertainment and Teambuilding
On March 9 and 10, 2001 the Australian music industry gathered at Fox studios Sydney for a concert to honour Ted Mulry. On September 1, 2001, just one day before his 50th birthday, he died of cancer.
Now the concert that was in fact Ted's farewell party, is to be released on DVD.
Gimme Ted features the cream of Australian rock both past and present gathering to pay tribute to their mate.
All royalties from the musicians featured on the DVD will be donated to Support Act, a benevolent fund for providing assistance and relief to members of the Australian music industry suffering hardship or distress.

thanks to Garry Brokenshire and Paul Cashmere

DISC 1  Friday night
Where the Action Is/I Hate The Music/Yesterday's Hero
Turn Up Your Radio / Because I Love You
Deep Water/Glory Road/Ace of Hearts/I Am An Island
Wings of an Eagle / The Real Thing
Take A Long Line/No Secrets/I Ain't the One /Marseilles
I Come In Peace/Cool World/Come Back Again /Eagle Rock
Rock Me Baby / Poison Ivy / Most People I Know Think That I'm Crazy / I Got My Mojo Working

DISC 2  Saturday night

Rock n Roll Outlaw / Nice Boys Don't / Bad Boy For Love / One of the Boys / We Can't Be Beaten
Strange Imagination / Voodoo Chile / Gonna See My Baby Tonight
Turn the Page / Holly wood 7
Julia / Falling in Love Again
TMG with Steve Mulry
Darktown Strutters Ball / Jump in My Car
Fine Line / Live it Up / The Nips are Getting Bigger
Beatin' Around the Bush
Looking Through the Eyes of a Beautiful Girl/Yellow River
Summer Holiday/ No Tragedy/ Unsophisticated/ Gimme Head/ Darktown Strutters Ball/ 17/ Comin' Home
Freedom/ No Lies/ Reach Out/ Miles & Miles/ Jealousy /Everyday People / Take Me Back / Hot Chilli Woman
Summer Love / Hound Dog

9th & 10th March 2001

* Digitally Remastered
* Chapter Search
* Widescreen 16:9
* Last video clip from Ted - Stay With Me 
* Picture Gallery
* Ted Mulry Biography
* Celebrity interviews
* Music Max TMG Mini Documentary
* Original TMG Video clips
Audio in Dolby Digital Stereo
distributed by Warner Vision $59.95 AUD


Fortunately justice was done in the NSW Industrial Court and Stevie Wright, Lonnie Lee, Warren Morgan and myself feel great about the outcome, setting a precedent, so promoters will think twice about treating artist musicians as throw away items.
Thank you for all your supportive responses in all the right places. Many Thanks. Kev

Would love to tell you ..... but.....

due to advise from our legal people we can't disclose what's happening.....

May the force be with me. i know I have truth on my side.

I say lodge your complaints, to the MEDIA. The public arena is our only level playing field.

Remember there are other artists in the same predicament----If you have LWTTT tickets, check who you're gonna see??

30th January
The Daily Telegraph ran a story titled

Biting the hand that fooled them

Quoting from responses sent to Confidential by John Paul Young and Jemma Borich.

The Soap is getting thicker - the froth is flying

27th January
Kevin Borich reserves the right to reply to Amanda Pelmans offensive and incorrect statements.

was sent in reply to the Daily Telegraph  27th January 2003 Confidential story.

The Daily Telegraph ran a story titled
Why Borich resented tour gig sack

watch this space you will get the truth.


Regarding my termination from the 2003 Regional "Long Way To The Top" tour by the promoters.

What Happened you ask?

A quick summary

October 22nd 2002
meeting and agreement with MCE to do the Regional LWTTT tour beginng January 2003 ending May 2003.

January 15th 2003
On my way to the Thredbo festival, and 5 days before Regional LWTTT starts, I get a call from MCE office terminating me from the show.

Reasons given??
Ask them.


You could say I'm really pissed off.

Next installment in Kev's soapy

January 17 2003
"The snow's on fire"  everyone is evacuated from Thredbo Blues Festival due to bushfires.

You could say the next 3 months "look a bit quiet"

Apart from the Australian Blues Music Festival Goulburn 7th 8th February
and the Melbourne International Music and Blues Festival 9th February
and the Canberra Blues n Rock Festival 16th March

There is more to come in Kev's soap opera - tune in - make a comment - be part of it?

See ya in the soap

We have have now done plenty of private shows and it seems to be a trend that has grown out of a frustrating live venue shortage.
People are organising their own private KBE show.
All you need is a few music lovers willing to pay, and a venue.
Similar to the way we organise the Sydney Harbour Cruises.
Call or email us and away we Rock.

Thank you to those who have expressed interest in taking to Sydney Harbour for another fabulous 4 hour harbour cruise with KB.
Please let me know how many of you there would be as we need approx 120 - 150 people.
The tickets must be pre-purchased.
Food and bar are available for purchase on board.

I have been writing, sifting and fishing for new "stuff". My son Lucius has been up and produced a couple of tracks and will continue when he's off the road with his band - COG .
Hope to love and see ya at the show.

The shop on the KB website has encryption software which provides a secure shopping environment by encrypting your personal information.

Due to the Digital Ammendments Act that came in force March 2001 we need to advise you
**permission to anonymously reproduce your comments on KB in Kevs Kapers is assumed as given by you**

Kevin has independently produced and released 3 new albums.

Heart Starter - the latest studio CD also featuring Kevins son, Lucius on drums - strong, powerful and sensitive playing for rockin blues fans with a funky sound.

One Night Jamm - featuring Wendy Saddington and Ross Wilson, Lucius Borich and Ben Rosen, a one-off capturing the magic of their live performance.

Live at the Big Kahuna - a double live CD - fantastic blues interpretation featuring Kevin on his National Steel and selection of electric guitars.

Thank you to all of you who sent me letters and emails, I enjoy hearing from you.

All the Best and look after one another
Cheers , Kevin

Sundays at the Palms Hotel turned into such a great gig,we just had to record it.

I hadn't been playing the old National on stage up until then,and this place on a Sunday proved to be the right atmosphere to whip it out and play some blues.
An enthusiastic crowd of die hard regulars was soon established and they really let us know it.
So this is dedicated to them.

Live at the Big Kahuna
There are two CDs in the package a total of 22 tracks.
One features the National Steel acoustic guitar,the other electrics.
We had a couple of surprise guests on this night, Adrian Keating on violin proved to be an ideal sparring partner on "Sticks and Stones" and "KBs Boogie".
"Black" on the mouth harp vamped like a hover on steroids through "Rollin' and Tumblin'" to really set the pace. The rhythm section I'm proud to say was
John Annas (drums) Ian Lees (bass)
recorded by Brett Coupland, thanx again boys,

The material is a mix of old blues tracks I've always wanted to do, a few of my old originals re-energised and some new ones, all they as they happened on the night.
So thats it folks, if you like rockin' blues with a funky sound, .... Surfs Up!!!!!.
"Get Kahuna'd"